Monday, November 7, 2011

Iron Man 3D WIP

Practicing hard surface modeling by making a high poly version of Iron Man.
"Now wait," you're probably saying, "didn't you work on the DS game and have all that cool Iron Man references and junk?"
A while back, yes, I did have some stuff on my work computer, but sadly anything I did have is lost to time and a hard drive crash. Also none of it was legally mine to use regardless.
Nope, this guy is from scratch using reference like everyone else- from the internet. I'm finding the Hot Toys version(s) of Iron Man provide some of the most accurate and easiest reference to get (not trying to shill for them, but all of their toys are impressive and if I had the spare cash I'd gladly pick up 2 or 14)
Time permitting I'll try to finish this guy out.