Saturday, January 7, 2012

In Progress: Han Solo ZBrush Sculpt

Trying a likeness sculpt. Of course, I've got to pick one of the most iconic and harder people to do a likeness of. I should know, as a child I tried to paint Indiana Jones on my wall in my room but ultimately gave up when trying to replicate the likeness of Ford and fighting the texture on the wall became too much. Can't say having me paint on my bedroom wall really thrilled my parents.

The thing about Harrison Ford is he has a lot of distinct features; bent nose, crooked mouth, scar on the chin, but also with that he has loads of subtle features that if aren't done correctly his face just looks wrong and people will notice.

I'm pretty close here, figure it was a good time to pause and take a grab a screen shot before I ruin it all by working on it some more.