Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mythologies DS: Concepts

The first thing I did for Mythologies. Myself, and 2 other artists completed all of the concepting. I think the idea was not to take ourselves too seriously. Here are some of my samples.
This Medusa concept was rejected and replaced by a drawing that the art lead did, so this was never colored. But since I was one of the guys that made the character models somehow this is the version that made it into the game…

1st version of the mummy

Cyclops. I was never really happy with the pose and the way the cloth looked. Oh well.

The Fire Giant made it on the back of the box and a few gaming sites.

Copyright THQ.

Mythologies DS: Cinematic!

We were going to try to do an opening cinema. And I think we all had brain damage for trying. Anyways, that lasted for about a month when we realized the workload was just too much with what we had scheduled and trying to add a cinematic on top of that. I managed to get a few high rez models in the works but sadly wasn’t able to finish them. This model, Hapsetshut, ended up being the most complete. Work done in Zbrush.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mythologies DS: Portraits

These were some of the last things to be finished by me. Started the work way late into the project because there was so much else to do before these. I think there was over 20(?) portraits in total.

Anubite portrait used in the title screen. I did some clean up to the original concept piece.

Copyright THQ.

The game nobody played…

Disney Friends for the Nintendo DS. Think Nintendogs with Disney Characters connected via a central hub. I think it was around 19-20 locations for the four characters and the opening cinema. Everything you see in these background shots I did: from the layout, modeling, texturing, lighting, plus background animation, as well as developing the day and night system and weather maps. Ugh, that’s a mouthful. I think Derek and I did a pretty good job considering how limited we were, way more than other 3D DS titles that the studio has done, plus we had to do it all with a free moving 3D camera.

Opening cut scene:



Guardian Lounge:


Copyright Disney.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Thief Stair Climb

Did an update of sorts because the original bugged me so. Not a character style I'm used to doing but I was trying something new. Now I'm done with this and moving on.

Here's the simplified base image without all the overworked fancy color shading. I almost prefer the character in this form even without the feet.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Concept Sketches

A mix of some concept sketches. It was for an internal project that was cancelled. Along with the sketches (there were more, these were the ones I liked) I also had to create 3 full 3d models with textures in a 2 week period.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Old Painting. It still remains to be the fastest non-digital thing I've painted and completed: only 15 mins. Done with Acrylics on a piece of cardboard.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


About time to throw up some artwork! Yeah!
It’s been many many years since I’ve had anything on the net so I might as well start with some random sketches done in ’07: